Warning: Video contains boobs. If you can't handle that put a blanket over your head.

Jen Roberson Photography Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month with Limited Edition Nursing Session

Nursing a baby is one of the most rewarding and potentially difficult aspects of parenting that I know. As a mom of 6, I know the struggles and joys that come with breastfeeding babies and I would love to celebrate your journey with beautiful keepsake images.

That's why I'm offering these limited edition nursing sessions in the month of August and September.

What's included:

  • 20 min nursing session with up to 2 lighting setups to remember the special bond you share with your sweet baby/toddler..

  • 30 min image selection session over Zoom.

  • $49 Print credit to be used towards images. ***Collections range from $150-$750, A la carte images are $49/each.

Session fee $99

Sessions are available 8/18, 8/26, 8/28 and 9/11 from 1pm-4:30pm and 9/9, 9/13 and 9/14 from 9am-12:30

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

Something nursing friendly. I recommend wearing a tank top and blue jeans for a classic look and to emphasize the simplicity and beauty of your nursing relationship.

Is it ok if I pump/bottlefeed or some alternative form of breastfeeding? Is it ok if I don't exclusively nurse?

Absolutely, everyone has a different journey with nursing and for some it comes very hard. The point of this session is to celebrate your journey and your tenacity.

Can my other kids come?

Yes, but please bring something to entertain them while you are being photographed with your little one.

Where are you located?

My studio is in Irmo SC, exact address is sent upon booking.

Is hair and makeup included?

No, unlike my normal sessions hair and makeup are not included. Please arrive ready to be photographed.