When was the last time 

you felt beautiful?

About the Artist

Hi, I'm Jen, and I love showing ladies how amazing and beautiful they are.

I believe beauty comes from within and that my job is to make you comfortable enough in front of my camera that your beauty shines through.

I especially love working with ladies who rarely get in front of the lens because they are too busy taking the pictures or because they don't like the way they look.

I know beauty. 


I know how to see it, I know how to bring it out, and I know how to capture it.


I can't wait to capture yours and show it to you.

The Full Package


Folio Boxes

After years of dedication to the world of photography, we’re expanding our services. With our attention to detail and a personalized approach, you’re going to love how your new photographs turn out. If you’re interested in booking this service, please check our calendar for availability and give us a call.

Wall Portrait Collections

Display your gorgeous images on your wall in a beautiful gallery wall. Our canvases or framed prints come ready to hang and designed to last generations.


We will design the perfect wall portrait collection based on your wall, your favorite images and your budget.


Columbia, SC 29073

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