Painless Headshots

Just "shoot me" already...

I get it. Headshots are a pain.

It's like going to the dentist.

You know it's important to have a good image representing your brand.

You know your not making a great first impression.

You know that you're probably missing out on opportunities and sales.

But, getting headshots done is just so stinking awkward. 

You never know how to stand, it takes time to get ready, you're not happy with your body and you're just not that photogenic.

It's easy to see why so many professionals put it off or actively avoid it.

But can I tell you a secret?

There is no such thing as "being photogenic".

It doesn't exist and I can prove it.

You see, as a professional portrait photographer I have learned the difference between people who are "photogenic" and "non-photogenic" is simply their comfort and confidence when standing in front of a camera.

That's it.

If you FEEL awkward and uncomfortable during your headshot, you DO things that look awkward and uncomfortable.

If you FEEL confident and comfortable, you DO things that naturally look gorgeous.

Of course you don't like the result. It's a picture of an uncomfortable person and people can tell that, even if it's just subconscious.

Thankfully, I'm an expert at making people feel confident in front of a camera. I show them exactly what to do, exactly what looks good for THEIR body type, find their best angles (everyone has them) and I make them FEEL comfortable powerful and capable.

In fact, here are some example of my "non-photogenic" clients.

I bet you can't tell which one had a panic attack on the way to their session can you? 


So here's the thing. You're already going to be dressed up and looking good for networking. Why not save time and get a headshot while you're at it?

I will spend up to 20 minutes working with you to get an image that you feel captures who you are and your brand.
Sometimes it happens in 5 minutes sometimes it takes longer. I won't hold you any longer than needed.
Either way, I'm going to take the time needed to make sure you're happy with your results.
Let's get this checked off your mental "to do" list, so that you don't have to go scrambling for a photograph ever again.

To book, select the Networking + Headshot package on the Eventbrite link and I will contact you to set a time and give you a few tips for headshot success.