How to actually connect with your 9-13 year old in this crazy world without them rolling their eyes 

There's no way around it.

Puberty is just horrible.

Yes, we survived and managed to make it to adulthood, but you couldn't pay me enough to go back and relive my preteen years.

But here I am again, hormones raging, drama unfolding, except this time it's my kid going through it, and they think I have no idea what it's like to be a teenager.

In one sense they're right. This time it IS different.

This time around there's TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and cyberbullies.

This time around there's Tide pod challenges to navigate and a rapidly changing world where they're dealing with things that you couldn't even have explained to us ten years ago.

In all of the change, I just want to connect with my kid, tell them they're loved, and that I'm here for them. 

Hi I'm Jen Roberson.

2019 JenRoberson Photography-12.jpg

I'm a portrait photographer and a mom. I specialize in creating gorgeous portraits of people who are "not photogenic" or "hate taking pictures". I'm an expert at capturing people's beauty and showing it back to them. 

Like you, I love my kids and want them to enter into adulthood feeling like they can come to me when there is a problem. I want them to feel loved and treasured. I want them to walk in confidence of who they are. Yet everything seems so hard.


Our kids are bombarded with messages everyday, messages about beauty, coolness and everything they need to do to be accepted when in reality there is nothing they could or couldn't do to make us love them less.


Yet how do we get this through their head? How do we let them know they are loved and accepted for who they are?


As I pondered what could be done, I was struck by this thought.

Pull back the curtain.


Pull back the curtain on HOW celebrities look like they do, and show people, especially preteens all the tool and tricks that Hollywood uses to get that gorgeous magazine finish.

You see, the truth is, the reason celebrities look the way they do is simple photographic techniques (and I'm not even talking about Photoshop).


And they work on literally ANYONE.

I figured that if I let preteens (and their parents) see what really happens at a magazine/Hollywood photoshoot then I would both give them gorgeous images of themselves to enjoy AND let them in on the secret of how that look is achieved so that they can walk in confidence KNOWING that it's just a set of photographic techniques.

They would know that they are capable of that look too.

I also wanted to give parents the tools they need to encourage their kids in a way that makes an impact and causes them to pay attention because let's face it. It's hard to get our kids to listen to what we are saying.

That is when the "Real Stars" Photographic Project was born.

Because I am so passionate about this project, and it's ability to connect parents to their kids at a pivotal time in their life, I am opening up my studio for very limited sessions at a very special price point.

For limited days this Fall, you have the opportunity to let your preteen experience a customize magazine styled photoshoot as we celebrate who they are and what makes them uniquely them.


Included with the project


An unforgettable experience your preteen will treasure for the rest of their life and they can look back to on their down days. They will be treated like a model, celebrated and shown their unique spirit as well as get an insider's look at what goes into a magazine photoshoot.

Each project session includes:

  • Styling consultation where we plan their wardrobe, I learn more about them, and we prepare to capture their unique personality and spirit.

  • Up to 5 questionnaires specifically designed to make it EASY for adults and family members to encourage and speak life into your child's soul. 

  • Professional hair and styling the day of the session ($100 value)

  • 1 hour - magazine styled portrait session (3-4 looks) ($250 value)

  • A copy of the published project magazine featuring each participant including your child. ($40 value)

  • Encouraging image reveal session that combines portraits, video and encouraging words from friends and family to uplift them and let them know what a treasure they are.

  • One image of your choice (7x10) matted in an 11x14 archival matte. 

  • 50% off standard studio prices on all additional images and packages.

    All for only $149

    Limited slots available. Inquire today!!!

Sample Teen Encouragement Video